Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Annual Dance was a HUGE Success!

Thanks to Many of You Maniacs...

Our Annual Dance was a HUGE Success!

We sold 240 tickets, and there was a waiting list of 35 more who  didn’t get to attend this years dance.  We have already had people tell us to reserve them a table for next year, and that we should have two dances a year.  So we can be proud of  how our dance has become an event people look forward to each year.  The dance raised $6,700.00, which is $200.00 more than last year. 

To those of you who helped with this year’s dance, I can not thank you enough.   Whether you donated door prizes, or went to businesses and got donations, if you made a gift basket, or gave items to be used in our wine or alcohol baskets, if you helped sell raffle tickets at the dance, or sat at home and tore tickets in strips of 7’s, if you helped setup the night before, or clean up after the dance, if you helped decorate, or lent your expertise to the power point presentation, or did one of numerous other things that needed to be done, whatever you did, big or small, please know that your dedication is appreciated by myself and the rest of the team. 

Another reason we did so well is because Dave Beran gives us an outstanding price on the food, the D.J. only asks $100.00 for his services, the fireman give the hall to us at no cost because there are 4 firemen on our Relay team, and the bartenders (who told us they love to work our  dance), donated their tips ($105.00) back to us.  We have been blessed to have so many good people in our lives who are all willing to help out.

Once again I have to say THANK YOU.

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