Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Many thanks to the Maurhoff family for coming up with the idea to have a March Madness basketball poll, and then running with it.  They single handedly set the whole thing up, sold the majority of the slots, and then managed the results up dates on the newly created Mel’s Maniacs blog.  That way, the people who bought tickets didn’t have to follow the tournament, but could go to the blog to see what teams were still in.  

Since there were 64 blocks to sell, and we sold them at $10.00 each, Mel’s Maniacs got $320.00, and the winner got $320.00. 

Congratulations to Ray Stein who was the winner.  Ray graciously donated $100.00 of his winnings back to the team.

Thank you Ray, and anyone else who bought slots, and most importantly to the Maurhoffs.  Great idea!! 

Watch for a football poll in the fall.

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